Shadow Net

Product description

Used for shading outdoor areas reducing the effect of sunlight. Partitions in terraces, gardens, car parks or leisure facilities. The mesh controls the passage of solar radiation, reducing it considerably, while also protecting against the direct action of the wind. Offers protection against UV rays and allows air circulation so as not to accumulate heat. Shadow net is typically manufactured in dark colors to create the perfect environment for use in greenhouses and gardens.

Advantages and benefits

  • Resistance and protection to UV rays
  • uniform shadow
  • reduces the temperature
  • Protects against the wind
  • long duration
  • Light and easy to apply


GREEN 1M;1.5M;2M;2.5M;3M;4M;5M;6M; | WHITE 1M;1.5M;2M;3M;4M


125 ml rolls