Big Bag Sac

Product description

Big bags, also known as jumbo bags, are industrial bags made of flexible and resistant material. They are very useful for transporting, collecting and storing loose materials, bulk goods, rubble or granules. The transport and loading of big bags is done on pallets or directly with the forklift by the four big bag safety suspension loops. This bag has a wide variety of dimensions, types and load capacity.

Advantages and benefits

  • Storage space reduction
  • Reduction in loading and unloading time
  • Ideal for storing and transporting fertilizers, sand, flour, salt, seeds, potatoes, firewood, stones, cement, etc.
  • No need for a second package
  • Packaging reuse
  • They can carry up to a thousand times their own weight safely.


90x90x90 | 90x90x90 with discharge valve | 90x90x130 with discharge valve | 90x90x135 with discharge valve and jacket